College of Medicine, University of Lagos, idi-Araba Campus, Lagos

Following the directive of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos on the formation of research groups and after consultations between Prof M.O. Kehinde, (Dept. of Medicine) and Prof S. I. Jaja (Dept. of Physiology) a meeting of researchers in sickle cell was convened for the 18th January 2017. The meeting was held at the Departmental Library, Dept. of Physiology, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos at 2pm.

Present at that inaugural meeting were: Prof MO Kehinde (Medicine), Prof SI Jaja, (Physiology), Dr KO Soyebi (Radiation Biology, Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis), Dr OK Ale (Medicine), Dr RW Braimoh (Medicine), Dr VO Osunkalu (Haematology and Blood Transfusion), Dr RW Kalejaiye (Medicine) and Dr SI Ogungbemi (Physiology). Since then, Dr NO Imaga (Biochemistry), Dr OA Olowoyeye (Radiation Biology, Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis), Dr TA Adeyemo (Haematology and Blood Transfusion) and Dr OM Babalola (Biochemistry) have joined the group.

It was noted that the sickle cell disease is essentially an African burden. The incidence of sickle cell disease (SCD) in Africa is between 5% and 40% with 120,000 to 200,000 babies born each year. It is also estimated that in Nigeria about 85,000 neonates with the sickle cell gene are born each year.


After extensive discussion members agreed and adopted the name UNILAG SICKLE CELL RESEARCH GROUP. The group also approved its motto: SUCCOUR THROUGH RESEARCH. A logo as shown (above) has also been approved.



The objectives of the sickle Cell Research Group are to:

  1. Conduct collaborative research in sickle cell disease
  2. Organize seminars and conferences on sickle cell disease
  3. Create awareness on sickle cell disease and its current management.



This includes all interested academic staff (irrespective of discipline or faculty) of the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria and external researchers and concerned organizations globally.



These include Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), National Sickle Cell Foundation, Lagos and other yet to be identified local and foreign research groups or bodies.



The research group will receive financial support from any willing and approved local or foreign grantor/donor.


  1. University of Lagos Research Grant: CRC No. 2008/05.Research Grant to the tune of  three million,  two hundred and twelve thousand naira plus two hundred and fifty dollars  (N 3,212,000. oo + $250.0) awarded by the Central Research Committee of University of Lagos. (Grant awarded to Jaja S.I., Kehinde M.O., Temiye E.O. and Ogungbemi S.O. in April 2010). Title of Project: Effect of L-Arginine Supplementation on Nitric Oxide level, Osmotic fragility and Free Radical Status in Sickle Cell Anemia.


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There are no elected officers of the group yet. However, Prof. S.I Jaja is acting as Convener while Dr S.I Ogungbemi is the Acting Secretary.



Currently meetings are held every 2 weeks at the Departmental Library, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos at Idi Araba. Meetings start at 2pm