UNILAG’s Research Institutes and Centres were established to serve as interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and translational research platforms that address humanity, societal, national and continental needs. Our goal is to employ multidisciplinary approaches across diverse disciplines such as Humanities, Health Sciences, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Physical and Natural Sciences, Management Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences to design and promote impactful research. We recognize the Private Sector, UN Agencies, and Non-governmental Organizations as our important partners in our ecosystem where both faculty members and students collaborate to ensure rapid uptake of our research outputs.
Our dynamic research, development and innovation systems are governed by global best practices that ensures and promote a healthy strategic University-Industry partnership. We are confident of our capability to save and secure lives and properties; ensure access to affordable health, housing, education, energy and food; promote adaptable technology to grow and leapfrog the economy; promote social, religious and cultural/ethic inclusiveness and consequently peaceful coexistence; reduce cost of doing businesses under challenging circumstances etc through research.
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Centre for Economic Policy Analysis & Research (CEPAR)

Centre For Autism & Neuro-development disorders (CANNDO)

Centre for Environment Human Resources Development (CENHRUD)

Centre For Biodiversity, Conservation & Ecosystem Management (CEBCEM)

Centre for Excellence for Malaria Diagnosis

Centre For Human & Zoonotic Virology (CHAVZY)

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