Dr. Rose Alani is currently involved in four (4) Global Air Quality Monitoring projects. These include:

  • Passive air sampling in Nigeria for the analysis of POPs, in collaboration with the Global Atmospheric Passive Sampling (GAPS) Network, Environment Canada -2015.
  • Ambient Air Monitoring - Comparison of Fine Particulate Matters (PM2.5) in Nigeria and Hong Kong: Their Chemical Compositions, Sources and Health Impact. Collaboration with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Honk Kong -2017.
  • Passive air monitoring in collaboration with POPs monitoring Network under the Southern Contaminants Programme (SCP) in collaboration with Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), with the main aim of assessing the status of the environmental pollutants in coastal regions along the Maritime Silk Road from Southeast Asia to Africa 2017.
  • World Bank Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) program: Establishment of Air Quality Monitoring Plan for the city of Lagos -2017.

The four projects are presently ongoing. It all started when she got an offer to participate in six (6) months research training in the Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX), Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic in 2014. The offer was cancelled due to Ebola problem in Africa, but she was later invited to attend a Summer School in RECETOX in May 2015. With a very strong encouragement from Prof. Babajide Alo (then VC Acad) and further support by Prof. Wole Familoni (Director, Sch. Of Foundation) she attended the Summer school at RECETOX where she met a Spanish friend that linked her to a Professor in Canada for Air Quality Monitoring. This brought in her first global air quality monitoring project currently ongoing at the Nigerian Meteorological Center (NIMET), Oshodi. She applied for TETFUND in 2016 for air monitoring, with a strong support from her Professor in Canada. TETFUND did not respond but the Research and Innovation office spotted her. When the Hong Kong Polytechnic University contacted our Research and Innovations office for Co-suppervision of a PhD student on Air Quality Monitoring, The Director, Prof. Wellington Oyibo contacted her and this is her second global air monitoring project. When the video of the training was presented in Hong Kong, some researchers from China Academy of Science saw it and desired to work with her. This is her third air quality monitoring project. While the active air sampling was ongoing, the World Bank Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH) team visited Unilag. Prof. Kehinde Olayinka, the Director of the Central Research Lab was invited as part of the team to receive them, and she invited Dr. Rose Alani. The team took interest in her ongoing project and visited her sites at the roof top of the Faculty of Science building and the roof top at NIMET, after which they officially invited her to make a presentation at the World Bank symposium on ‘Air Quality Monitoring in Lagos’. This ushered her into the fourth air quality monitoring project. Below are some pictures at five sampling sites: Faculty of Science building roof top; Roof top of a 2 story building at NIMET, Oshidi; Mast at Customs training College, Ikeja; Roof top of a penthouse in Agege abattoir; and the roof top of a 3 story building of a school in Apapa.



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