Building Research And Innovation in Nigeria's Science (BRAINS)

The College of Medicine University of Lagos (CMUL), the AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria LLC (APIN), the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Northwestern University (NU), propose the continuation of research capacity building of the Medical Education Partnership initiative Nigeria (MEPIN) with the Building Research And Innovation in Nigeria's Science (BRAINS) proposal. BRAINS will develop sustainable curriculum for junior faculty at CMUL, build a sustainable e-learning curriculum and support a robust mentored research program. The BRAINS research themes build on the progress and track record of this decade long research and training collaboration with over 74 publications in the past 5 years. The research themes include: 1) HIV Outcomes Research which will build on the infrastructure, training and electronic database available for thousands of patients on ART. The research will have significant impact on program implementation and inform Nigeria's national policy on HIV prevention, treatment and care; 2) Community Medicine is an important public health oriented approach to strengthening healthcare in Nigeria. (Read more: http://grantome.com/grant/NIH/D43-TW010134-03)