Professor Bola Oboh

Professor Bola Oboh

A Word from the Director

Research in the University of Lagos is evolving to respond to changing needs of society and creating possible future for higher education. We are increasingly committed to the provision of appropriate infrastructure to conduct excellent research and fostering knowledge development, strengthening and facilitating advancement in the various academic programmes where bold ideas are expressed. In this way, UNILAG strives to make significant contributions to national development through research that profoundly impact learning, preparing students for their future endeavour where they seamlessly align with national/global or organizational expectations.

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Our Mission

To promote & sustain a vibrant community for creating horizons where staff & students work together in an active supportive partnership,providing opportunities to promote visibility through research, funding & knowledge transfer.

Our Vision

To elevate the University of Lagos to an enviable level among global institutional players in research & development.

Our Core Values

We promote multidisciplinary research across specialites.

About R&I

About Us



The Office of Research & Innovation (R&I), under the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor  (Academics & Research) was established in 2013 to leapfrog current university research and has been expanding in capacity and staff strength. 

This Office was set up in recognition of the importance of research and innovation to promote multidisciplinary research, manage funded research using unique and innovative approaches in line with international best practices and accelerate the alignment of education, research, innovation and linkages with the industry into a seamless and dynamic ecosystem in delivering her mandate. Composed mostly by academics, at this time, the model, which is unique to the University of Lagos, is designed to advance the research processes through peer-to-peer engagements.

Established in 2013

To Date

What We Do


Our mission and vision statements drive our activities so as to attain our strategic outputs. Essentially, we galvanise faculty members and research students to develop their ideas into research queries and profound solutions through proposal development, submissions, winning and managing the approved research in line with international best practices. The submission of high quality research from the University of Lagos ensures that the UNILAG brand of excellence is maintained.

Our Vision


Our vision aligns with the University of Lagos 25 Year Strategic Plan, which is focused on positioning ourselves as the centre of local innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystem where there is interplay of education, research, innovation and industry that is geared toward supporting National Development.

UNILAG 25 Year Strategic Plan

What We Do

Establishment of Research Centres, Clusters, Institutes & University Foundation

Research Expection & Assurance

Our Strategy

  • Research & Innovation Office
    Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics & Research)
    University of Lagos.
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