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Grants in Nigeria for Digital Jobs and Skilled Craft Work for Youth (FINAL CALL)

Deadline: 31-August-2022

Amount: 200,000 Euro

The Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) has announced a call for proposals that specifically applies to digital jobs or skilled craft work for youth. They are inviting all private companies with ideas for projects that fit within the two windows detailed below to present proposals for co-funding from CFYE.
As CFYE have identified two thematic areas with opportunities for youth employment, they have split calls for proposals into two windows. Each applicant must choose whether to submit a proposal for

  • Window 1: Digital Jobs or Window
  • Window 2: Technical Craftsmanship.
  • Applications that do not match either of these windows (and thus type of employment opportunities) will not be considered.
  • For more information, please see:
  • CFYE is looking for projects that are effectively getting people employed within project duration (2 years).

In the application, they will therefore assess whether the project presents a realistic and convincing pathway to get at least 500 people in jobs (projects only focused at skilling youth without evidence of effective matching afterwards will not be considered).

  • Only private companies can be lead applicants, but they may partner with other organisations such as NGOs and government institutions.
  • The minimum contribution of the Fund is € 200,000. This should be matched by a co-nvestment that is at least equal to the grant requested.
  • The employment conditions of the jobs resulting from the projects should be decent. For any job, the working week should be at least 20 hours and at most 40 hours – with occasional overtime.

Safe physical working conditions should be ensured.
Following government guidelines, the gross income for one full-time equivalent (FTE) should be at least NGN 30,000 but ideally reflect family-specific living incomes.