BIG Grants go towards Big and Concerted Efforts at the supporting Research.

Here at R&I we have identified that focused applications from Collaborations within Universities as illustrious as Harvard (USA), Cambridge(UK) and Monash (Australia), are actually performing much better with grant success than applications  from individuals. Indeed, many Laureate winning Scientists have operated their research within Research Centres and Groups with many more of their junior colleagues careers subsequently taking off as a result of participation.

Furthermore, our conversations with some of the major players in funding research and philanthropy have intimated that there is greater confidence when an application emanates from a Group, Institute or Centre:“...we are more likely to short-list an Institute or Centre fronted feels more sanctioned and supported rather than even the best effort of a lone academic...”

Your R&I Office provides you and your Research Team/Centre/Institute/Group with not only pre-award oversight in preparing your application, but advises and prepares for each application all necessary Institutional regulatory supporting and compliance documentation, including guidance on budgeting and cost effort evaluation.

So why do it all yourself? This is WHAT WE DO! Give us a call, email, Skype sms, and we will be booking an appointment with you within the week to have a purposeful discussion.

We are committed to encouraging not only aggressive engagement of active grants, but we can also help you prepare for a recurring grant which is of seminal importance in your discipline.

We assure you, by the time you see a topical opportunity here, we are coming TO YOU! If you would like to speed up our engagement with your Faculty, simply email us or Skype with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 0700RESEARCHLAG.

We are here for you to support you through the entire life cycle of your research:


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