The Research Development Office is committed to assisting researchers in locating advertised funding opportunities and developing their research proposals. This assistance will be rendered via:

   •     Searching, identifying and informing researchers in the University of relevant internal and external funding opportunities.
   •     Distributing electronic mail reminders of funding opportunities. To subscribe to the funding opportunities listserve, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click on this link to complete an online form
   •      Short seminars on funding opportunities will be held periodically.
   •      The Academic Planning unit (7th Floor, Senate building) is an additional resource for researchers who wish to seek information about small funding opportunities within the University.

    Developing Research proposals
Individual researchers or team of researchers will be responsible for the development of their proposals. However, The Research development Office will facilitate this process by providing useful advice regarding guidelines and instructions stipulated by the funders. Draft applications will be reviewed to ensure compliance with University’s policies, eligibility criteria and ethical compliance. Other services may include:

   •      Reviewing application guidelines, assisting with University research ethics Unit regulatory compliance issues.
   •      Providing advice on budgeting.
   •      Rendering assistance with submissions.
   •      Where there are accessible samples of successful applications, such samples will be provided via website links or electronic mails.

Submission of Proposals
It is important for researchers to ensure that they submit their proposals through the Research Development Office. This process will also allow for accurate documentation of research success, and could have an important impact on future funding. Many research grants given to universities by funding agencies, for example, are often based on outstanding record of successful funding applications. We are more likely to be successful in getting research grants if we can provide commendable institutional profile of successful bids. It is advisable for researchers to work with the Research Development Office in processing their application(s) for external funding before submitting to a funding sponsor. The Principal Investigator (PI) must endeavour to obtain endorsement of the application from his/her Head of Department (HOD) and Faculty Dean (or Director of Unit) by obtaining their signatures. Ethical approval of research will also be required (see link). These approvals are necessary to ensure that the study will not constitute any harm to research participants and that adequate resources will be made available to the researcher if the bid is successful. Furthermore, institutional approval of research certifies that:

   •      The Principal Investigator is a bonafide member of the University of Lagos.
   •      The Principal Investigator is capable of administering any received grant with respect to the policies of the University of Lagos and the funding agency.

For electronic applications, a soft copy of completed application should be submitted to the R & I Office. Other information, such as budget justification which could affect the financial aspects of the application must be included in the application. Any agreed commitment (in cash or kind) by the University of Lagos or any other institution must be confirmed and clearly stated in writing by the applicant(s).
Feedback from Grantors/Funders
The funder’s decisions are usually sent to the Research and Innovation Office. The R & I Office then communicates with the applicant about the results. Should the funder’s decision go directly to the PI, the R & I Office must be informed of this decision as soon as possible. In essence, upon receipt of a feedback from the funder, a copy must be sent immediately to the R & I Office.

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