About Us

The Office of Research & Innovation (R & I), under the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics & Research) was established in 2013 to leapfrog current university research and has been expanding in capacity and staff strength.The Office was set up in recognition of the importance of research and innovation to promote multidisciplinary research, manage funded research using unique and innovative approaches in line with international best practices and accelerate the alignment of education, research, innovation and linkages with industry into seamless and dynamic ecosystem in delivering her mandate. Composed mostly by academics, at this time, the model, which is unique to the University of Lagos, is designed to advance the research processes through peer-to-peer engagements.


What We Do

Our Mission and Vision statements drive our activities so as to attain our strategic outputs. Essentially, we galvanise faculty members and research students to develop their ideas into research queries and profound solutions through proposal development, submissions, winning and managing the approved research in line with international best practices.

Essentially, we desire to fast-track research proposal development and submission. Therefore, aim to meet deadlines and succeed with grant proposal submissions by planning ahead of time knowing that it takes good time to develop an excellent proposal.


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