The division for Research Administration (within the R & I Office) renders support to Principal Investigators (PI’s) in the development of proposals and related financial narratives and budgets. This unit will ensure accurate and complete documentation (e.g. regulatory documents, signed consent forms, and research-related communication). The duties and responsibilities of this division includes both pre-award and post-award administration in proposal processing, grant administration and close-out activities as explained:
Administration of Awarded funds
Administration of awarded funds begins with the notification of the grant from the funding agency. A cost-centre will be set-up with the Accounting/Bursary department. As soon as funds are remitted, the R & I Office will inform the Bursary department with an authorisation to notify the Principal researcher of the grant. Thereafter, all transactions will be administered by the University’s Accountants. Preparation of account statements and monitoring of expenses will also be conducted by the Bursary department. All inquiries regarding expense claims shall be directed to the Accounting Unit of the University.

    Pre-award administration
    •      Manage pre-award administration of grants/funding, including reviewing bids and pro-actively reviewing issues within the bidding for funds.
    •      Assist Principal investigators with development of budgets, cost sharing and administrative costs on proposals.
    •      Provide support with necessary documents as stipulated by proposal guidelines and coordinate submission of proposals.
    •      Review and interpret proposals to ensure accuracy of budgets, compliance with regulations, and incorporation of all required elements.
    •      Assist with complex proposal development efforts that may involve multiple investigators, multiple institutions (local and international) and/or multiple sub-awards.
    •      Maintain an electronic research administration management system.

    Post-award administration
    •      Keep PI’s update with any reviews of award terms and conditions, and facilitate project start-up conferences with PI’s.
    •      Process award agreement in collaboration with the Legal unit.
    •      Review and process transactions and reports for adherence to sponsor guidelines and policies governing conduct of research at University of Lagos.
    •      Assist with multi-organisational funding process and funding improvement initiatives.
    •      Work with PI’s and Bursary department to provide assistance with account set-up, interface with grants and contract accounting, and review of budget amendments.

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