A word from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics & Research)

  Research in the University of Lagos is evolving to respond to changing needs of society and creating possible future for higher education. We are increasingly committed to the provision of appropriate infrastructure to conduct excellent research and fostering knowledge development, strengthening and facilitating advancement in the various academic programmes where bold ideas are expressed.

In this way, UNILAG strives to makes significant contributions to national development through research that profoundly impact learning, preparing students for their future endeavour where they seamlessly align with national/global or organisational expectations.

 The University is also expanding this role by building constellations of research centres where critically mass of innovators and solutions are proffered to national and global challenges. It is envisioned that the output of research in UNILAG will impact positively in all sectors - health, transport, housing, environment, economy, education, science and technology, laboratory and productivity etc., using appropriate legal and socio-economic framework. In our bid to "take the Gown to Town" and provide extraordinarily supportive environment for innovative ideas to influence policy and respond to dynamic national needs, we are collaborating with in-country and overseas academic/ non-academic institutions such as industries, government, and research funding organisations.

Today, we define a new paradigm of job satisfaction and career growth of academics from the traditional mindset of publish or perish to publish and flourish!

As an Ivory Tower, the expectation for solutions from the academia through innovative research is high and I am convinced to our capability to deliver on this. I urge colleagues and research students to take advantage of the various research platform in the university to prepare multidisciplinary research proposals and seek funding that addresses our myriads of challenges and unmet needs while also providing mentorship opportunities for early career faculty and students. Please, liase with the Research and Innovation Office for all your research queries and you will be assisted in developing your beautiful ideas into winnable proposals, promptly submitted, tracked and when awarded, efficiently managed in collaboration with Bursary.

 Prof. Babajide Alo FAS

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