Land Conference






The subject of land for a megacity such as Lagos evokes some of the widest interests throughout the city and country on account of its diverse uses and applications in a fast-changing world. We are ready to accommodate all shades of interests and opinions, not just for the sake of business prospects of interested stakeholders but also to improve the existing literature in the area for students, researchers and other users, now and in the future.


Venue: Jelili Adebisi Omotola Multipurpose Halls (A, B, C) University of Lagos

Date: October 24-26, 2018.

Time: 10:00am – 4pm.



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Sub-theme 1: Contextual and Theoretical Perspectives on Land and   



Sub-theme2: Land Tenure system

This track focuses on the process of allocating and securing land; cadastral mapping and determining boundaries of parcels; the transfer of property or use from one party to another through sale, lease, or credit; security; and management and adjudication of doubts and disputes regarding land rights and boundaries.


  • Historical perspective of tenure systems in Lagos
  • Land grabbing and the Omo-Onile syndrome
  • Issues and challenges of statutory and customary land allocation
  • Systematic land titling and contemporary land registration practice
  • Reform in cadastre and land administration framework in Lagos
  • Land regularisation and village excision  
  • Integration of formal and informal land markets


Sub-theme 3: Land Valuation

This track focuses on the process related to assessment of land value; calculation of and collection of revenues through taxation; and adjudication of land valuation and taxation disputes.


  • History of land and property taxation in Lagos
  • Land use charge and property taxation
  • Land valuation for compensation
  • Determination of land values for civil transactions
  • Trends in land values ad their spatial distribution over time


Sub-theme 4: Land use: Historical, Political and Social Evolution

This track focuses on the historical perspectives on land use succession and sprawl, controlof land use through the adoption of planning policies and land use regulations at regional, and local levels; the enforcement of land use regulations; and the management and adjudication of land use conflicts.


  • Sustainable land use planning and challenges in Lagos
  • Allocation of used and location of spaces
  • Land use planning and citizens’ participation
  • Land succession in the urban periphery
  • Sprawl and its effects on sustainability/ containment of city limits
  • Land, health and environmental sustainability


Sub-theme 5: Land development

This track focuses on the processes and institutions related to building new physical infrastructure and utilities; the implementation of construction planning, public acquisition of land, change of land use through granting of construction permissions and building land use permits; and the distribution of development costs.


  • Land administration service delivery
  • Sustainable infrastructure for land development
  • Contemporary drivers of transformation in Lagos land development


Sub-theme 6: Spatial data infrastructure and land administration

This track focuses on the processes of recording and managing spatial data and the interoperability between different data custodians while considering: standards, policy, and access networks to connect people and data.

  • The link between Spatial Data Infrastructure and land administration
  • Land Information and management
  • The role of Information Technology in Land management
  • The link between policy, processes and spatial data infrastructure


Sub-theme 7: Land management policy and advocacy

This track focuses on the processes, the governance and the formulation of policies to manage land in Lagos.

  • Political economy of Land management in Lagos
  • Conceptualizing Land policy: Land nationalisation and the implications for development in Lagos
  • Citizen participation, land governance and customary transformation
  • Contemporary land conflict resolution mechanisms
  • Boundary disputes, neighbourhood clustering and community identity
  • Land reform innovation, and adaptability
  • Risk management in land administration
  • Behavioural change communication

Sub-theme8: Application issues in land management

This track focuses on the application of different issues in land management and how these impact or are impacted by contemporary trends.

  • Multi-purpose cadastral
  • Contemporary coastal city survey
  • Sustainable land reform financing
  • Sustainable institution for land administrationta
  • Land market responsiveness in urban regeneration
  • Infrastructure, tourism and urban connectivity
  • Land, agriculture and urban food supply
  • Land, mineral exploitation and environmental sustainability


Sub-theme9: Legal, gender and power relations in land

  • Accessibility of women to land rights


Sub-theme10: Land and development in comparative perspective

  • Land and grazing rights



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