A word from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics & Research)

 In a remarkably changing and dynamic world, complexities in man, the environment, socio-economic, cultural,  agricultural, and political space begs for clinical and urgent solutions, especially in Africa. As an Ivory Tower, our  place in this ecosystem is critical in unpacking and resolving these challenges in ensuring that the country,      continent and the world benefits from the response from the academia.

  The University of Lagos has a unique advantage and standing in the educational system of Nigeria to instigate    and promote research and innovation as an important strategy in fast-tracking national development.  Thus, the  need to strengthen our research to align with human needs and that of the industry through well-coordinated  multi-disciplinary research is employed to ensure that challenges are holistically interrogated for robustness. Our desire is to phenomenally escalate translational research in diverse fields through in-country and international collaborations and strategic partnerships with the industry in the dictates and context of gown-to-town. Our competent and experienced faculty members are deployed to enrich our value chain to the society through research and development collaborations with the industry. Resources for quality and cutting-edge research in the faculties of Science, Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Environmental Science are continuously being upgraded to meet global practices; while faculties in the humanities, law, social sciences, Education and Business Administration are positioned to addressing contemporary issues at multi-disciplinary levels.

  It is worthy to emphasize that the framework for research and engagements at all levels in line with best practices are available. We are keen on increasing our research outputs and impact through knowledge protection, commercialization of research products; publications in high impact journals that project our capability and capacity nationally and globally. Through the School of Postgraduate Studies, Research Groups/Clusters and Research Centres, we conduct impactful research and engage communities and organizations seamlessly and effectively in expanding the frontiers of research. In addition, we are proud of our strategy that accelerates the development of next generation leaders at the doctoral and early career levels so as to ensure high quality critical mass are available for research leadership in the future.

  I am confident that my colleagues and our students are willing, available, and prepared to deepen research to the benefit of humanity. This is our commitment and pride as I welcome collaborators to work with us in value creation through research.


  Prof. Oluwatoyin .T. Ogundipe FLS (LONDON)

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