The UNILAG R&I Team has taken a bold proactive step forward. We have come out to YOUR Offices, Laboratories, carrels etc. 

We have been visiting and are excited to see how many people had Active Research Interests which overlapped and at the same time were capable of driving focussed exploratory sorties into existing BIG grant-makers Areas of Focussed Support.

The following list of Centres have been identified formed and approved for our academics to work in interdisciplinary clusters to represent the University in high-value Local and International Collaborative Research Endeavours.


  1. Centre For Excellence For Malaria Diagnosis
  2. Centre For Housing Studies
  3. Nano and Biomaterial Implant Research Group
  4. Wireless Communication Research Group
  5. Social Perspectives on Healthcare Accessibility
  6. The Transportation Safety Research Group
  7. Centre For Research in Endocrinology & Metabolism (CREM)
  8. Environmental Health Research Group
  9. Community & Primary Healthcare Research Group
  10. Orthodontics Research Group
  11. Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine & Natural Product Research Group
  12. Centre For Social Science Research
  13. Centre For Human Rights
  14. Institute of Child Health
  15. Confucius Institute 
  16. Fed. Ministry of Environment/ UNILAG Centre For Environmental Human Resources Development
  17. World Bank Funded Centre of Excellence For Cinematography


If you do not see a Centre here that you feel you can conveniently contribute to, based on your research interest or Area of specialization, you may be in a position for us to help you create a Team, Group or Hub for yourself and at least another colleague.  We will work with you towards identifying a potential grant you could apply for and preparing you with our dedicated support infrastructure.

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